2007, №3_eng




Yevseyev V.V.  Microbiological activity of virgin, old-arable and cultivated chernozem soils in the Kurgan Region.


Stepanovskikh A.S., Gorbunov M.Yu., Gladkov D.V. Determining optimal parameters of spraying the crops of spring barley with Dialen Super herbicide under conditions of the Trans-Ural region.

Postovalov A.A. Efficiency of presowing seed treatment with preparations under disease control of barley and pea.

Slobozhanina E.A. Development particularities of Colorado beetle in the Trans-Ural region for the last five years.

Polovnikova V.V. Manifestation of late blight disease on the potato varieties under conditions of the Kurgan Region.

Kosova V.N. Effect of seeding terms on affection of cucumber with diseases under conditions of the Kurgan Region.

Koropa V.V. Species composition of basic phytophages and their entomophages in agrocenosis of spring barley in the Kurgan Region.

Khalus L.A. Consort connections of insects in the crops of pea under conditions of the Kurgan Region.



Sukhanova S.F., Makhalov A.G., Nevzorova O.A. Increase of productive characteristics of geese of Italian White breed reared under conditions of the Trans-Ural region.

Bulatov A.P., Poverinova E.M.
Use of concentrated mixtures enriched with cakes of oil-bearing crops in fattening bull-calves.

Mikolaychik I.N., Uskov G.E., Yudin V.A. Effect of bentonite on milk productivity of cattle, growth and development of pedigree heifers.

Karmatskikh Yu.A., Dvoryantsev A.V. Digestibility and nutrient utilization of rations with the young horses of Orlov trotting breed.

Mikolaychik I.N., Kolchin A.V. Effect of full-fat soybeans extruded in the complex with bentonite on meat productivity of feeder pigs.

Kakhikalo V.G., Naumov S.V. Milk protein content of Holstein cows of Ural hybrid of Black-and-White breed.

Kakhikalo V.G., Stepanov A.V. Milk productivity of Black-and-White cows of Ural type under different regimes of milking in conditions of the Northern Trans-Ural region.


Lapshin P.N., Moskovchenko N.O. Research of influence of excitation modes, geometry of connections and arrangement of sieve holes on self-cleaning from stuck grains.

Kosov P.A. Dependence of qualitative cut of wheat stalks on density of plant stand.


Golovina S.G., Podgorbunskikh P.E. Institutional approach to developing forms of agribusiness.

Subbotina L.V., Zhdanov S.P. Government regulation of innovation process development in agribusiness industry.

Mukhina E.G. Social-economical problems of milk production subcomplex functioning in the Kurgan Region.

Smirnova A.V. Employment of resource-productive potential of agricultural enterprises.

Konovalov V.V. Measures to develop linen subcomplex of Siberian agribusiness industry


Isayenko A.V. Spring barley yield under different seeding rates and methods in conditions of the central part of the Kurgan Region.

Chashkova E.N. Techniques to adapt the Kazanskaya Krupnozernaya variety of buckwheat to conditions of the Kurgan Region.

Shabunin L.A., Burlakova L.V. Using cakes of oil-bearing crops in concentrated feeds for calves during early rearing period.

Leshchuk E.G
. Structural analysis of market land turnover in the Kurgan Region.

Tyutrina N.V. Features and social-economic efficiency of agricultural raw material processing at agrarian enterprises.

Pelkov A.A. Specific character of current development of self-supporting relations in agriculture in the Kurgan Region.


Tishkova E.V. Characteristic of external features of marals of foothill population.

Bulatov A.P., Yarmots G.A. Use of zeolite-enriched feed mixtures during maximum milk yielding period.