Basic activities of SO RASKHN




Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SO RASKHN) consists of 30 research establishments (10 of them are trade institutions), 6 breeding centres on plant growing and 1 on animal husbandry, and 40 experimental farms. The number of employees working at research establishments of SO RASKHN is 3944. The scientific potential makes up 1498 research workers including 153 Doctors of Science, 558 Candidates of Science, 13 Members (academicians) and 11 Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 32 Members of other public academies. The zone of activity of SO RASKHN involves the territory of three federal districts: Ural, Siberia, and Far East.


The main objective of Branch’s activity is to develop the fundamental and applied researches in agribusiness industry of Siberia, to further the development of agrarian science in Russia and Siberian Region.


The basic tasks of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences are the following:


— development of fundamental, scientific-and-technological and experimental researches aimed at deciding the most important scientific tasks as well as the problems of developing Region, in particular, in the field of effective use of resources with a view to increase foodstuffs production;


— development and improvement of modern resource-saving and nature-conserving technologies for producing, storing and processing of agricultural raw materials, land reclamation and rational nature use ensuring the production of biologically full-valued foodstuffs; making fundamentally new facilities of mechanization and electrification;


— study, generalization and dissemination of home and world scientific achievements for their accelerated mastering in practice of different agricultural commodity producers and service structures, other patterns of agribusiness industry;


— passing on the scientific-applied, R&D and other developments furthering a social-economic and scientific-and-technological advance of Siberian Region and the Russian Federation as a whole to economic management establishments;


— training of research and other high-qualified workers for Region; revealing and supporting talented researchers, furthering to creative growth of young scientists;


— organizing the international cooperation with a view to carry out foreign economic activity;


— coordination of scientific and R&D work in the zone of activity; expansion of relations between science and production, participation in organizing the innovative activity, realizing the achievements of science and technology, developing the science-consuming industries;


— directing the economic activity of farms and enterprises, and other experimental productions through research establishments according to distributed subordination;


— realization of measures aimed at developing the modern material and technical basis at the research establishments of Branch, technical and economic service of their activities and real estate objects, coordination and control of activity of science service organizations.